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Customer Feedback

We believe there is always room for improvement in any company. We value your feedback so that we may identify areas that can be improved; and we look for ways in which we can better serve you.

We want to hear from you! Rate each of the following, then click Submit to send us your input.

1 = Not Good
5 = Very Good
1. Ease of finding SuperLogics web site
2. Ease of getting through to the right person to discuss your application
3. Sales knowledge about products
4. Sales advice for your application
5. Speed of delivery
6. Protection and presentation of delivered product
7. Ease of use
8. Clarity of instructions
9. Quality of final product
10. Quality of software included with your product
11. Knowledge of technical support
12. Ability of technical support to help with a question
13. Which product did you purchase?
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