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Data Acquisition Software for Windows



Software for acquiring, displaying, plotting, alarming, controlling, storing and retrieving data.


Devices which communicate via RS232
Live linking with MS Excel*
Data Acquisition Boards

Number of Inputs:

up to 8, Unlimited when using a data acquisition board

Ease of Use:

very easy, no learning curve, no programming, no manual, on-line help for questions

Alarm Levels:

High, Low, High High and Low Low

Alarm Settings:

Set with sliders or manually

Alarm Types:

Audible (plays .wav file)
Screen Display

Control Outputs:

Digital Output Plug-In Boards
Analog Output Plug-In Boards

Number of Outputs:

up to 4

Speed of Acquisition:

as fast as data acquisition board (if board has DMA)
as slow as once per month

Duration of Acquisition:

Finite (enter the number of points to collect)

Channel Scanning Modes:


Trigger Types:

Push button
External event (repeat test once or continuously)


Stream data to Disk as ASCII Text
Stream data to Disk as ASCII Text with Time/Date Stamp Options
Stream data to Disk as Binary Values

Real-Time Display:

Yes, selectable high speed graphing options

Types of Display:

X vs. Y (Y1, Y2, Y3 also available for different types of inputs to be displayed on the same graph - ie. temperature and pressure)
Time vs. Y
Multiple channels per graph
Separate graphs for each channel
Digital readout of each channel


Samples, Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, User-Defineable


Auto-Scaling, User-Defineable

Display Zoom:


Display Print:


Replay Stored Data:


Acquire in Background:


Universal Driver:


Select Gain per channel:


Math formulas per channel:




Analysis of Data:

ASCII Data format compatible with most analysis software packages

On-Line Help:




$995.00, or Purchase Online for $945.00


System Requirements:

Windows 3.1 or Windows '95, IBM compatible 486 or better, 8MB RAM with Windows 3.X, 16MB RAM with Windows '95 (16MB or more recommended), VGA Graphics or better

Note (*) :

Live linking with other software programs often requires a significant amount of RAM and free hard drive space. Make sure your computer has sufficient RAM to accommodate all the software applications you will be running at the same time. MS Excel and HotPoint require 20MB RAM total when running simultaneously.

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