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  The SL-LCD-15AWHD-RTOUCH-1 is a cost effective, resistive, wide screen, high definition industrial touch screen monitor featuring a bright 15" screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio, a wide operating temperature range: 0C to 50C , VGA and DVI interfaces and an 8mm black powder coat aluminum front bezel. Not only does the SL-LCD-15AWHD-RTOUCH-1 make a great stand alone VESA mount industrial touchscreen monitor, it can also be used as an alternate/replacement for our SL-PPC-15A line of panel PCs. The SL-LCD-15AWHD-RTOUCH-1 is geared around durability and protection. Water tight protection strips block out any dirt or other contaminants that could be harmful to your panel. Its wide operating range protects the inner components from extreme heat or cold. The 8mm industrial bezel protects the edges of the screen from damage. It's powder coat touch screen provides premium surface wear resistance for heavy-use applications. It is also IP65 rated. Includes 8 piece Panel Mount Hardware kit.