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Legacy Products

  DAQ-12 12-Bit ISA Data Acquisition board $879.00*
  DAQP-12PAN 12-Bit, 100kHz PCMCIA Data Acquisition Card with custom cable for Panasonic


12-Bit ISA A/D & D/A 400 kS/sec board $799.00*
  DAQ-801 12-Bit ISA A/D Board with high gains $349.00*
  DAQ-802 12-Bit ISA A/D Board with low gains $349.00*
  PXB-721/PCI 72 channel Digital PCI Board $269.00*
72 channel ISA DIO Board w/ Male Connector $229.00*
  PXB-721F 72 channel ISA DIO Board w/ Female Connector $229.00*
  PXB-241 24 channel ISA Buffered Digital Board $249.00*
*All boards are in limited quantities. These prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact us to determine delivery and availability or if exact part number is not listed.