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  SuperLogics' Parallel-PCI, when it came to market, was the first PCI-bus parallel port board in the world. It is fully PCI compliant and takes advantage of the speed and easy configuration of the PCI bus. When it appeared, it almost tripled the speed benchmarks of ISA-bus parallel port cards, as well as offered greater flexibility of configuration. Users were no longer restricted to the three standard parallel port addresses: the Parallel-PCI would automatically select a free address and IRQ during installation, virtually eliminating user error and resource conflicts.

The Parallel-PCI's strength lies in its Moko S-1 ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit). This chip consolidates a number of separate components into one chip, and is only available on SuperLogics products. This adds efficiency in manufacture, and more importantly, virtually eliminates any possibility of component failure—another reason SuperLogics confidently offers the SuperLogics Lifetime Warranty.

Initially, this break-through SuperLogics-designed integrated circuit, was specifically developed for the Parallel-PCI. The Moko S-1 has been since incorporated into a number of other SuperLogics I/O products.