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Rack Mount Computers

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rack mount computers

1U rack mount computers - The ultra-slim 1U-high rack mount computer supports ATX motherboards and can been extended by a full-length 32-bit PCI card via riser card.

2U rack mount computers - The Slim rugged 2U-high rack mount computer is designed for ATX motherboards and is an ideal building block for business expansion.

4U rack mount computers - The 4U-high rack mount computer designed for ATX motherboards is an ideal enclosure for mission-critical applications. Supporting all of SuperLogics's AIMB industrial motherboards, with up to 5 PCI slots for expansion, and optional redundant power supply, it is the best choice for the lowest total cost of ownership.

5U rack mount computers - The highly expandable 5U - high rack mount computer features four 5.25" and one 3.5" front accessible disk drive bays, built-in centralized monitoring system, three 12cm hot-swap ball-bearing fans, supports 20 slots backplane or ATX MB and offers hot-swap redundant power supply support.


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