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The 80XX Series Modules are designed for RS-485 communication. Since most PCs no longer have serial ports, it is necessary to have a converter between the PC and the 80XX Modules converting RS-232 to RS-485 and visa versa. The 8520-U performs these conversion functions.

A single 8520-U can link 256 individual 80XX series modules in a single RS-485 network. If a repeater is used, up to 2,048 modules may be linked using a single converter. Each of the up to 2,048 modules can be accepting data from a different type of device with a unique data baud rate and data format. A standard converter would be unable to accommodate such a wide range of differences in format and baud rate. However, the 8520-U contains an innovative patent pending "Self Tuner"-ASIC. This chip can adjust the data baud rate and data format automatically throughout the entire network. Therefore, a single 8520-U can link up to 2,048 different devices in the same network easily. Further, as all adjustments are performed automatically, there is no need for DIP switch settings, and the module's plastic case need never be opened.

The 8520-U is a cost-effective module for transferring serial data via USB. It allows you to connect your serial devices to systems that use a USB interface. Connecting the 8520-U to a PC, you get one RS-232/422/485 port. The 8520-U module derives its power from the USB port and doesn't need any power adapter. It also features a high-speed 115.2 kbps transmission rate, and supports various O.S. independent RS-232/422/485 Ports.