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The SuperLogics DeviceMaster RTS 8-Port is a four port device server designed for network-enabling serial communications devices. When used with the included NS-Link™ driver software and a host PC, the DeviceMaster RTS device server enables placement of COM or TTY ports anywhere on an Ethernet network or across the Internet. In applications where connecting legacy serial devices to a PC without software changes is a requirement, a pair of DeviceMaster RTS device servers can be used to create a point-to-point serial tunnel across the network that seamlessly transfers serial data via TCP socket connections.


DeviceMaster RTS is SuperLogics' solution for connecting serial devices and running applications that can benefit from “real-time” performance. Using SuperLogics' developer kit, the DeviceMaster RTS can even be programmed to perform a wide variety of local processing tasks, including:

  • Data protocol conversion
  • Data routing
  • Data validation
  • Data tagging
  • Data logging
  • And much more
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DeviceMaster ATS/RTS Rackmount Shelf, steel, black, with device and shelf mounting hardware