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The DSE-100M RS-232 serial device server is based on reliable Motorola® digital dna™ technology and use a best-in-class PowerPC® processor-a degree of confidence that products using homegrown processors cannot provide. On the serial side, the DSE-100M's proven high-speed, 921k-baud serial technology. Thus, users can be assured that critical business applications won't be slowed down by throughput or latency issues. Moreover, as future network speeds and peripheral devices become faster, the DSE-100M gives systems room to grow.

Serial device servers are available in one, two, 4 and 8 port versions with options for standard DB-9 or RJ-45 modular serial port connectors. Each independent serial port provides full modem control and hardware flow control. The auto-sensing, 10/100 Base T Ethernet connection is made using a standard RJ-45 connector. The units are housed in a solid metal case suited for rugged industrial environments. For even more protection, a surge suppression option is available. Standard units are designed for desktop use, but DIN rail mounting for individual units, and rack mount kits for multi-device networks are also provided.

The DSE-100M serial device server is fast and easy to install--it typically takes no more than 10 minute. This is due to the unique Installation Wizard that automatically searches for and identifies any DSE-100M unit attached to the network, even searching remote subnets. No client software is installed on the user's PC, only a small set of drivers that configure each port as a new COM port on the PC, allowing software applications to access the device as they are designed to, with no custom programming needed. The network connection is invisible to the application. This unique approach to installation makes it easy to configure a DSE-100M during pre-deployment staging. For example, in cases where DHCP auto-negotiation is not possible, the installation software automatically assigns a default IP address for use until the actual IP address can entered. After installation, an onboard utility accessible from a standard Web browser makes it easy to perform remote diagnostics and maintenance.

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Surge suppression package for 2 ports
Rack Mount Kit for DSE-100D & QSE-100M