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The DSU-UMC-102 from SuperLogics is the perfect way to connect serial devices to laptops or PCs with no serial ports. Many new laptops and PCs have at the most, one serial port. This is a problem when you have multiple devices with serial connectors! What happens when you have a digital camera and a modem that you want to connect at the same time? The DSU-UMC-102 is the answer to that problem. It is designed for connections to PDAs, digital cameras, modems, ISDN terminal adapters, or any other serial devices through your USB port. Since the adapter uses no IRQs, it is perfect for connecting several serial devices to your PC. And donít worry about transfer speeds; the DSU-UMC-102 supports data transfer rates of over 1 Mbps

The DSU-UMC-102 provides you with the connections you need with no hassles. Installation is made simple by the adapter's plug-and-play capability. The adapter is bus powered so no annoying external power adapters are needed. The light-weight design makes it perfect for the business traveler. Throw it in your laptop bag and be on your way!