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  Low Profile PCI was designed to provide greater flexibility for embedded systems, thin-clients, and desktop and server environments. The boards are mechanically similar to standard PCI boards, but use a shorter board and a different mounting bracket. They are designed to fit into systems as low as 3.350" without using riser cards. The boards are built on 32-bit addressing, and can be used in standard PCI backplanes or with specialized LowProfile PCI brackets.

These PCI boards provide the same rich features found in our standard PCI boards, in this new form-factor. As with our standard PCI boards, our Low Profile boards strictly adhere to the PCI specification standards. For example, our Low Profile boards, unlike some competitors, use a universal connector compatible with both the 3.3 volt connector key required by the specification and the 5V connection used by older PC and thin client systems. This means that our Low Profile boards can be used with your current equipment, and will not need to be replaced as you upgrade your systems.