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  The 8041 is an RS-485 High Isolation Digital Input Module that provides 14 isolated digital inputs. Positive high logic occurs between 3.5 - 30VDC. Negative logic occurs below 1VDC. Four channels may also be used as low frequency counters (100Hz or slower) to count parts or items passing by a proximity sensor for example. When ordered as a 8041, it is used in a 8000 Series System along with a 8520 converter module so that it can be controlled by a PC via a standard serial port. Because of the unique ASIC included on the 8520 the 8041 can be used in a network of up to 2,048 8000 Series modules operating at different baud rates and with different data formats.  
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24V Power Supply for Use With 8000 Series Modules
RS-232 to RS-485 Converter Module - Used in combination with one or more of the modules below to create your own system
USB to RS485/RS422/RS232 Converter Module - Used in combination with one or more 8000 series modules to make your own data acquisition system