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USB Data Acquisition - Most Popular

USB Data Acquisition is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that laptop manufacturers are no longer making systems with serial or PCMCIA ports. USB Data Acquisiiton offers the speed and simplicity that many applications require. Use the USB port on your PC to connect to voltage inputs, thermocouples, strain gauges, accelerometers, rtds or virtually any analog or digital sensors. USB Data Acquisition solutions are portable, easy-to-install and are great for desktops and laptops. Select from a wide variety of USB Data Acquisition Modules for high performance, high resolution data acquisition. From 12-Bit to 24-Bit A/D, from one sample per hour to 500,000 samples per second we have the USB Data Acquisition module to fit your needs. Whether you plan on using our exclusive WINview Series Software, programming yourself or using a third party package like DASYLab, TestPoint or LabVIEW, we've got you covered.