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  • NVMe brings faster data transfer speed compared to SAS and SATA SSDs.

  • Website - Out with the old, In with the new...

    Welcome to our new site.  The time had come to say thank you and farewell to our old site.  It was a good run.  The retired site was our second (the first/original site was created back in 1994).  This second site served its purpose well since 2003.  It was officially decommissioned last Thursday after a period of overlap with what is now our new site!  The retired site had been showing its age for some time, so 4 1/2 years ago we set out to create something better, something focused on how our customers interacted with computer systems and their components, our sales team, our site and within their own organizations.

    Since finding the best computer for specific requirements is a common task for customers and sales people alike, we set out to offer the most advance search platform in the industry.  Now if you are thinking that doesn't sound truly unique, please give it a try.  I don't think any other site would allow a search for a 19" Panel PC with 2 (or more) x RS232 ports, 2 x LAN ports, 1 PCI x1 slot and a capacitive touch screen.  There is a filter for every specification on every motherboard, computer chassis or monitor - and as you narrow your search results you can see how many qualifying systems remain for your next requirement.

    New Features:

    • Enhanced Account Management Tools
    • Order History, Order Tracking, Easy Reorder
    • Online ordering with credit card or NET 30 terms online (pending approval)
    • Ability to save and share your custom computer configurations
    • Product end-of-life flags with recommendations for newer similar products
    • Power search – quickly find solutions based on unique and complex requirements
    • Mobile-friendly site


    I hope you find the new site to be a more helpful tool to locate and customize systems that you will use to better solve your requirements and the requirements of your customers.  Please feel free to leave your feedback or ideas for improvement in the reply section here as well.  Thank you for taking the time to explore the site and thank you for your business.


    Matt McGinity


    SuperLogics Inc.

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