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USB to PS2 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter

This PS/2 USB Adapter converts a single USB port into two universal PS/2 ports, letting you connect any PS/2 peripheral (e.g. mouse, keyboard) to a computer through USB.

Supporting plug and play installation, the PS/2 USB adapter offers a cost-effective way to bridge legacy PS/2 peripherals with a more modern, USB-capable computer.

No drivers or software makes connecting PS/2 keyboard/mouse via USB truly Plug-and-Play.

No external power requirements and a compact design is useful for mobile users.

Connector Number 1
Connector Detail Connector Type(s): 1 - USB A (4 pin) Male

Connector Type(s): 2 - PS/2 (6 pin; Mini-DIN) Female
Specifications Industry Standards: USB 1.1

System and Cable Requirements: 1 x Free USB port

Power Adapter Included: Self Powered