Superlogics Solutions

Our Purpose Statement:

SuperLogics, Inc is the computing leader you can rely on.  We design and assemble a wide range of cost effective, high performance, extremely reliable Intel®-based rackmount and touch panel computers, and other computer related products, and have since 1995. 

How is SuperLogics different than other computer producers?

We don't believe putting a shiny domed sticker on the computer case then putting inferior components in it is in your best interest - or ours. Loading additional trial applications is a money-making gimmick that slows the performance of your computer - we never do that either.  We believe a computer, like a chain, is only as strong as its weakest link.

Here's why SuperLogics is preferred over the mass produced common brand computer:

We are proud to tell you specifically who makes each of the components in any given system, and we feel that each component plays an important role in the reliability and performance of the final product.

You get the best system because we use only the best components: 

Our rack mount, touch screen panel and desktop computers are populated with the industry's most trusted component manufacturers such as Intel®, Kingston®, Western Digital®, Sony®, LiteOn®, Seagate®, and other top-shelf names.  We ship our computers fully assembled with these leading components and include just the operating system and software you purchased - or none at all - it is your choice. All of our computers carry at least a full 1 year warranty and since components can carry longer or lifetime warranties, we pass component manufacturer's warranties on to you for maximum coverage. If and when you need to speak to us you will actually speak to an employee of SuperLogics in Boston, MA, USA.  

Top-notch handling and assembly:

Our cutting-edge production facilities protect your investment through carefully planned handling and electrostatic countermeasures. Our bench and flooring surfaces are certified per ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007.  All our assembly and integration work is performed in this one facility for quality control.

Industry recognized computer provider:

We are proud to be recognized as an Intel® Premier Provider by Intel. Intel® states, "Intel® Channel Partner Premier Members are experts bringing the latest Intel technology into your home or office. When you work with a Premier Member you get affordable, high-performing, reliable technology solutions..." We also offer a wide variety of Intel's complete rackmount servers which carry standard full 3 year "bumper to bumper" warranties.

The whole solution:

We also offer many products to complement your computing requirements including rackmount keyboard/display combinations, rack mount keyboard drawers, racks, communications and data acquisition products.  Our data acquisition products include USB, Serial, Ethernet, PCI and wireless data acquisition. Our customers benefit from our vast array of products and product knowledge allowing us to recommend solutions that are a great fit and cost effective.

You can count on SuperLogics, Inc. to deliver exceptional product quality and impeccable service and support. Whether designing a custom computer or pc-based test and measurement system, superb quality is the hallmark of SuperLogics' products.

To simplify designing the perfect system for the job, give us a call and allow us to quote a custom computing solution for you.