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ADC-1R2-485 This item is no longer available.

8 Channel, 12-Bit Analog Data Acquisition Module (RS-485 based, individually addressable to 256 addresses); Analog Inputs available thru TB15 Female Connector

  • Low Cost RS-485 Data Acquisition Device
  • 30 Day Trial of our Ready-to-Run WINview CP Plus 2012 Software - Supports Analog Inputs Only
  • 8 Channel 12bit A/D converter
  • +/-5VDC Voltage or 4-20mA Current input
  • Individually Addressable to 256 Addresses
  • Analog Sampling Speeds upwards of 400 samples/second (Digital upwards of 500 samples/second)
  • 16 digital I/O lines
  • 16-bit PWM pulse counter input/output
  • Diagnostic LED
  • Simple ASCII commands
  • Supports 9600-115.2 KBps
  • Small size (approx. 3"x4")
  • Detachable screw terminal blocks optional - see below
  • Does not include communications cable or power supply
  • WINview CP 2012 is compatible with Windows XP SP3, Vista and 7 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems
  • Free Downloadeable LabView VI
Temperature Range 0°C to +70°C
Software Interface Tools for Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Test Point.
Analog Input Channels 8 single ended or 4 differential Software selectable
A/D Converter Linear Tech LTC1296 12 Bit
Analog Inputs -5V to +5V Unipolar and bipolar. Software selectable.
Linearity Error LTC1296BCN ± 0.012% (± 0.5 LSB)
Gain Error ± 0.012% (± 0.5 LSB)
Offset Error ± 0.17%
Temperature Drift 100 ppm/ºC ( max. )
Bandwidth 486 SPS maximum, continuous stream mode 115,200 baud, single channel
Digital I/O 16 digital I/O lines (two 8 bit ports) I/O line data direction is software selectable
Digital I/O Current I/O line source/sink 25 ma Total current 200 ma for the 8 bit port
Digital I/O Voltage Levels Input Off (0) = 0V - 0.8V Input On (1) = 2.0V - 5.0V Output Off (0) = 0.6V max. Output On (1) = 4.3V min.
PWM Output PWM Freq.: 1.8KHz - 430KHz PWM duty: 0%-100%
Pulse Counter Input 1 MHz max. input rate 32 bit counter capture Counter increments on high-low transition
Communications RS485 (8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit) 4000 feet up to 255 nodes
Baud Rate 9600-115.2K BPS DIP switch selectable
Command Protocol Simple ASCII commands. See the User's Manual
Operating Power 7.5 Vdc to 15.0 Vdc, 50 ma nominal, 450 ma max.
Enclosure 3" x 4" ABS plastic box