DeviceMaster RTS4-RJ45

DeviceMaster RTS DB9/RJ45 Serial Device Server - 4 Ports

  • Embedded Systems—Ready for Mainstream Deployment
  • Low-cost, solid-state microcomputer
  • No Assembly Required! Comes ready-to-use right out of the box.
  • NS-Link™—The Industry’s First and Best Network Port Extender - uses standard TCP/IP protocol to provide transparent COM and TTY port access across Ethernet networks
  • NS-Link SocketServer™ mode makes ports available to the software via TCP/IP socket connections, eliminating the need for OS-specific drivers and allowing "tunneling" between units over any distance via Ethernet.
  • Software Selectable Ports easily switches from RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 interfaces
  • System Reliability. With no moving parts, DeviceMaster RTS won’t crash due to hard drive system failure. And the dreaded “blue screen” will never appear because the system uses a highly reliable, real-time, deeply embedded operating system.
  • Real Plug-and-Play. Once it is physically connected to the Ethernet hub, the system can be set up, configured, and monitored over a LAN, WAN, or even the Internet. (No training required!)
  • Watchdog and Reset. If the system incurs a software fault, the built-in watchdog/reset circuit can automatically restart the system.
  • Event Notification. Configuration options provide event notification capability, so that when a specified event occurs, the system will send an e-mail to the designated engineer.
  • Network Monitoring and Software Download/Reload. When the system is connected to the network, performance can be monitored using a Web browser. If the software on the system requires update or reload, that also can be accomplished remotely over the network—saving engineer travel time and expense.

Base System

  • Solid-state design embedded microcomputer powered by a 44 MHz ARM7 processor running Red Hat’s eCos real-time operating system
  • Data storage and local application processing supported by 4MB onboard Flash and 8MB onboard RAM

Network Interface

  • 10/100Base-T Ethernet connectivity with built-in hub and downstream port for “daisy-chaining” systems or network-ready devices

Peripheral/Device Communication

  • Powered by Comtrol’s proprietary high-performance serial processor for sustained, simultaneous data
  • throughput at 230 Kbps across all ports
  • Models with RJ45 and DB9 serial connectors
  • Software-selectable ports supporting RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 interfaces

Application Software Port Access

  • Application software running under any of the supported Operating Systems can access DeviceMaster ports using Comtrol’s NS-Link software
  • Applications software can access serial ports via TCP/IP sockets from anywhere on the network using Comtrol’s SocketServer™ software with DeviceMaster

Management and Diagnostics

  • Browser-accessible HTML interface provides easy setup and configuration through the local network or the Internet
  • SNMP client for system monitoring
  • System watchdog with automatic reset
  • User-selectable event monitoring and e-mail notification of event activity
  • Software updates via network download


  • Fully programmable utilizing Comtrol’s DeviceMaster developer kit and/or generally available GNU tools from Red Hat, Inc
  • Customizable Web server with Java applet serving support