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Adjsutable 4 to 15 Vdc regulated power supply for transducers and bridges, 220 vac power

  • Adjustable 4 to 15 Vdc Output
  • Up to 150 mA Current
  • Well Suited for 120 ohm and 350 ohm Strain Gages
  • Can Power Multiple Pressure Transducers or Load Cells
  • Screw Terminal Connections
  • 220 vac

Input: 115 Vac ±10% 50 to 60 Hz
Output Voltage: Adjustable 4 to 15 Vdc
Output Current: 150 mA max. 
Line and Load Regulation: 0.005%
Noise: 0.5 mV rms
Operating Temperature: 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)
Temperature Effect: 50 ppm/°C
Storage Temperature: -25 to 85°C (-13 to 185°F)
Line Isolation: 1500 Vdc
Weight: 18 oz (510 grams)