Internal UPS for battery backup and graceful shut down

Adds an Internal UPS for battery backup and graceful shut down to S17/S18/S19 Systems.

Provides specified regulated power output from a wide input voltage or battery backup, microprocessor assisted LiFePO4 battery charging and cell balancing in a single PCBA. Battery cells are inserted in the device, no need for special cabling between cells and UPS. The UPS contains a synchronous boost converter with high accuracy voltage and current regulation and automatic system power path selection from adapter or battery. It charges the battery in three phases: preconditioning, constant current mode and constant voltage mode.

- Fuel Gauge. Provides accurate fuel gauge capabilities by precisely measuring the input and output current flow. In case of low battery situations, the system can send an ON/OFF pulse (or by reporting remaining battery capacity via USB) to a motherboard in an attempt to gracefully shut down the system.

- Intelligent UPS, USB interface, SMBUS slave. Communication can be done over USB and the device has also SMBUS reporting capability. Windows detects Internal UPS as Battery and automatically shows battery in the system tray.

- USB interface, works with Windows devices (Linux API planned)
- SMBUS slave
- Input between 11-24V
- Programmable voltage thresholds
- Generate any output voltage between 12-24V, booster based design
- Supports LiFePO4 and Li-IOn battery chemistry (3 x Lithium Ion Cylindrical 18650 Cell - 3.3V, 1.1Ah Included)
- 3 state charger (precharge, constant current, constant voltage)
- Balances 3 series batteries
- Charge voltage 3x3.5V, charge current 1A, precharge current 0.3A
- Coulomb counting
- Battery temperature monitoring for each cell and temp compensated charge
- Start/Stop button
- Relay output
- External LED connection
- Motherboard ON/OFF pulse control*
- Missing battery cells detection
- Ultra low power consumption (1uA- in Deep Sleep mode) or (530uA- in Sleep mode)
- Windows detects device as “Battery”, no special drivers required **

Includes low profile fan when necessary to allow space for Internal UPS

3/10/2016 Extended availability for the next 5 years