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Lenovo Laptops for Business

Due to the rapid increase in working and learning remotely, laptops have been more difficult to find.  The ones listed below are believed to be in stock - ready to ship in 1-2 days.

SuperLogics partners with Lenovo to find what is available from our distributors and offer these laptops directly to our customers.  These are great business laptops at very aggressive prices combined with SuperLogics' (and Lenovo's) outstanding technical support. You get it all; a Lenovo high-end laptop AND SuperLogics first class support AND a great price.

Note: These items are updated regularly but please bear with us as we only use Lenovo authorized distributors and they can sell out and get different inventory in regularly - especially during this crisis.

Let us help. Live chat with us or give us a call and allow us to double check stock just prior to your order.  If you want a Lenovo laptop not listed below, please ask us for a quote.  Lead time for laptops not in stock is approimately 3 weeks from Lenovo. 

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